Old People Should Like Bernie, too.

While most of Bernie’s votes are coming from the younger half of voters, this narrative needs to change. Transcending generational differences is an absolute must for Bernie’s campaign that needs older voter support, not just in primaries but in the general election when it comes around. It is important to emphasize the aspect that makes Bernie so popular in the first place: his push for equality on all fronts of society, economics, and politics. In fact, his policies should better provide for senior citizens’ healthcare and financial needs, the “cradle the grave” policies.

My first hand experience with the old people for Bernie (I say that affectionately, as a future old and hopefully wiser person) was a local volunteer event near my college, where the majority of volunteers for Bernie’s campaign were actually over the age of 45. While I don’t doubt that the Atlantic and other articles are correct, my personal experience suggests that this age “chasm” does not need to persist. Bernie’s views are perfectly compatible with the older generations’ concerns and needs. Nothing is preventing his campaign from galvanizing this demographic.

Critics of Bernie’s campaign often question his elect-ability, but surely the results of the Iowa caucus prove otherwise. If you like Bernie but are having some doubts, check out this fun and informative website.


Kind regards for your week, and happy primary season (just kidding),





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