Inauguration 2017

I doubt the political views I hold are a mystery.

This inauguration day, I am not be watching our new commander-in-chief get sworn in. Maybe that’s politically irresponsible. I won’t be marching anywhere. Maybe that makes me an armchair activist.

On election day, multiple people messaged me that they supported me and loved me, and apologized for our country’s choice. On election day, my roommate bought me a knife. On election day, my friends cried for fear of their own lives and fear for others.

Election day was exhausting, and on inauguration day, everything begins, it’s official, a presidency that has condoned homophobia, transphobia, racism, islamophobia, misogyny and countless other harmless attitudes begins. For the next four years, we’re in a full war for our rights and the rights of others, and to maintain the values we claim to be founded on.

Maybe that’s an overaction. I hope so. I hope everyone that thinks it’s an overaction will be just as horrified as I am if it turns out not to be. A rise in hate crimes against Islamic Americans began after the election. I hope that these things get recognized, and when everyone who thought our fears were over the top finds out they weren’t, they intend on not allowing to happen everything they said never would.

Whatever happens, I anticipate an emotional and difficult four years.

So this inauguration day, my boyfriend came to visit, and we’re getting drunk this weekend, and we’re not going to worry about LGBT laws or supreme court appointments. If I’m worrying, it’ll be about my thesis and college applications.

I admire everyone’s efforts. I’m giving myself a weekend, manufactured calm before the storm.


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