Wednesday Warriors – Alan Watts

Welcome to our new weekly special, Wednesday Warriors. Each week, Danny and I will be choosing one special figure in history who has inspired us. People walking all paths of life from social activism, to economics, to art (and best of all, where they all intertwine), these are the masters who have made our selves and our world a little better. We hope you learn something and are inspired, too.

Alan Watts is a British philosopher noted mostly for his bringing Eastern religion to Western audiences. His lectures are profound, funny, and certainly uplifting. If you’re into podcasts or are a YouTube junkie, this is the guy for you. Don’t believe me? Have a listen here.

Don’t skip it. Go back and listen, it’s only 3 minutes long.

So as much as I’m not about promoting old dead white guys, what he has to say is just too relevant to today not to discuss. Are you struggling with what to do in life and how to live it? Do you have a sense that things just aren’t quite right, and that our society maybe has some weird or even stupid rules? That its requirements for how to be and act aren’t very good requirements at all? Are you feeling, like so many of us, a bit disillusioned with the standards and expectations thrust upon us each and every day? Then cool, this is the guy for you.

I hear people talking every day about, and I see people living it out, too, alternative realities for life. What do I mean? I mean people who aren’t following the status quo of college, steady 9-5 job, life partner, babies, etc. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with those things. There’s not. However, when that becomes the only narrative available, and in that order, for ones life then there’s a problem. Alan Watts helps illuminate the ways in which we live our lives, the ways we are EXPECTED to live our lives, and asks us to question them. Why are we really doing the things we’re doing? Why do we use society’s standards? Will they really make us happy? What is happiness?

You can find most of all his lectures online for free, so no need to indulge in any capitalist consumerism for this one. Enjoy.


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