Book Review – Ready Player One

It’s time for another monthly book review! This year I have joined a book club on Goodreads and signed up for many challenges, which has been giving me the motivation to just wreck my way through books. I am inhaling them. This means I actually had a few options of what to review for once!

I figured, why not do a super late review of Ready Player One?

Ready Player One takes place in a dystopian near-future where the planet has gone to hell and most people spend their lives in virtual reality instead of the physical world. The man who invented said virtual reality dies and in his will sets up a contest; whoever completes the RPG-style quest of finding keys and completing challenges will receive all of his fortune. Naturally, the world goes insane doing it, and when we enter the narrative most people have decided that it’s either impossible or just not true since nothing has been located after many years.

Our protagonist has not given up. However, due to his own poverty he cannot afford to leave the VR planet he goes to for school to explore and discover the key. This is a major problem…until he discovers that the first key is on his school’s planet.

The story then follows him as he tries to complete the competition and avoid being murdered by soulless corporate assholes.

The book is frontloaded with a lot of lessons in gamer speak and culture that will annoy you if you are involved in the gaming community, but I give it something of a pass as it is necessary to non-gamers understanding. Still, it probably could have been done better.

The plot of the book is, honestly, mostly non-existent. You listen to Wade’s thoughts as he works out puzzles based on 80s references and clues. Someone being described playing old arcade games isn’t precisely exciting. However, the book manages to be enjoyable; a light read for some 80s nostalgia and cheering on the nerd.

Rating: 3/5


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