Book Review – Chakras Wheels of Life

This 1987 classic is indispensable for anyone seeking to learn more about the useful and enlightening world of chakras. Chances are, if you are reading this, then you have already heard of the word, “chakra.” If you haven’t, despair not! Now you have, and you can go read the book.

To very, very briefly summarize (I’m only doing this because I couldn’t find a succinct youtube video to do it for me), there seven major centers, or wheels, of energy in our bodies starting from the tailbone up. These are connected to different emotions and associated with specific colors. For example, and perhaps the most well-known, is the third-eye chakra located on the forehead which is purple and helps focus mental or psychic energy (makes sense, if you have a really challenging math problem to solve, where is your tension and strain?). This is a very superficial explanation, but I hope it suffices for the debutant.

Judith’s book takes each major chakra, lays out extensive information and fascinating history about it along with exercises for “opening up” or activating the energy center and tapping into the correlated emotion as well. Struggling with self-confidence and empowerment? Here’s how focusing on the solar plexus may help. Want to open up more to the loved ones in your life? Time for work with your heart chakra.

If you have any interest whatsoever in connecting emotional and psychological development to your physical body then this is a FANTASTIC book. The chakra system is a wonderful way to work with your body and mind and get them in sync.

I’d also like to address the elephant in the room, one of cultural appropriation. That is, the author Anodea Judith is not a part of the very long and rich culture that has developed the chakra system. And yes, purchasing her book is potentially diverting funds away from those people. I bought mine at a small bookshop in India along with some other local products and still feel a bit conflicted about it. Life is messy and we do our best, right? Make your own decision, but I would highly encourage visiting some translations of Eastern writings on the topic in addition to this Western version.


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