Wednesday Warriors – Shoutout Edition

This weeks Wednesday Warriors is what I like to call “shoutout edition,” where we give a big virtual round of applause and hug to contemporary people doing awesome work. In this case, Madre, a NGO holding hands and partnering with grassroots women’s organizations around the world.

It was started a few decades ago during the US-led Contra Wars in Nicaragua. Mothers there reached out to other mothers in the States and asked for assistance. When the US women responded, they realized that despite traveling to go help, they were actually gaining more than they were giving.

As they say, the rest is history. Madre continues to be a women-led organization working with others to reduce inequality, sexism, poverty, and injustice wherever it is found.

You can check out there website here. And how do I know about their awesome work? I am very proud to say that I interned for these wonderful people a couple summers ago.


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