Book Review – The $100 Startup

So it’s no secret that I own an Etsy shop (psst, click here), and recently I’ve been on a kick of reading any and all advice I can get my hands on as I try to scale up. With that goal, I picked up this book, because minimum monetary investment is what this poor college kid is looking for.

The quality of this book really depends on what you are looking for. For me, reading this book put me in the “ready to work” mode; it’s inspiring. The book is full of success stories that started in the smallest ways.

If you are looking for guidance you might be missing out. I only suggest picking up this book for the sake of guidance if plan on selling a service rather than a product. Most of the book’s actual advice is geared toward those people who want to sell consulting or some other service.

However, the resources on are helpful for establishing a business plan. As the philosophy of the book goes, there is no point in a twenty-page business plan that no one will ever see; the website provides a single sheet that will get you together.

All in all, the book is inspiring but rather unhelpful. John Doe quit his corporate job, opened up shop, struggled and then succeeded. The stories are personalized enough that you care about him; they don’t provide you any concrete guidance. I suggest picking up a different book if you are looking for any actual help.