What Does Graduation Mean When You Go Right Back to More College?

Graduation is weird when you aren’t done.

Saturday I’m going to stand in Madison Square Garden and get a degree.

  1. I have not been able to get a job working a cash register.
  2. I am going to school in the Fall.

What even does graduation mean at that point?

I’m getting a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and English and my main source of income is selling things on Etsy. (Yes, that is hyperlinked. No, I will never not take the chance to send you to my shop.)

My life feels pretty weird right now. I am super not an adult, and yet, I’m moving into an apartment, I’m getting my own loans (woo debt), I have my own credit line I can’t afford to use (woo, more debt), and here we are, I’m about to have a college degree that theoretically should get me a real person job that I’m not going to even look for.

So what does a degree mean when you aren’t going to use it? When you are going right back into school again?

It means, well, “one small step”, I guess.